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After being damaged in a fire, we re-built this structure from the ground up.

Build your home on solid ground

The foundation is the core element of your home. It transmits the weight of your house and everything in it (including you and your loved ones) to the soil underneath.

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Repair foundation problems before seismic activity strikes

Do you have cracked foundations or walls? Are you experiencing drainage issues or recent water damage? As Californians, foundation issues must be addressed to ensure the safety for residents. Ignoring foundation problems puts your property value at risk, too. Give us a call for a free assessment.


In California, there are 3 house foundation types:

Concrete Slab Foundation

Raised Foundation
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Our team will conduct a soil assessment to determine the best foundation for your project and property.

Client Testimonials

We were honored to re-build the foundations of Dave's rental cottages after they were damaged in a fire.

"solid work for a good price"

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Your home is on the way. Is the site ready?

Are you putting in a modular home? Let us build the site up — including grading, foundation, and drainage — so it’s ready by the delivery date. We’ll make sure it complies with all state and local codes too.

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